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Transition to a composable software delivery model

Deliver the right product at the right time and respond to changing market scenarios with agility.


Delivering differentiated experiences on time: The ISV challenge

Changing markets and demanding customers are forcing ISVs to adopt tools and skillsets that can deliver cloud-native, modern applications with frequent updates. Delivering the right product comes with challenges of budget, time, and operational efficiency. 

With WaveMaker low-code, ISVs can move to a composable component-based software development model, deliver with speed, and become future-ready for their customers.

Build a platform ecosystem

Build a sustainable model for developing and distributing components with a component repository and create an ecosystem to thrive. Component-based customization model is a powerful approach where enterprise customers will develop extended components based on their own requirements.

Deliver experiences with speed

Build entire user journeys as experience components and plug and play into your applications with speed. Deliver exceptional experiences and deep personalizations with an entire design system composed of prefabs, themes and page layouts.

Transform your talent

Transition your team to a truly agile and collaborative team. Let your team focus on core innovation and leave the mundane to low-code. Develop, test, collaborate and deploy with built-in developer productivity tools that not only speed up development but extract the best from all skill sets.

Own and control your assets completely

Accelerate development without being tied to the platform. Empower your developers with a platform that allows them to combine, extend, modify, import, and extract code files across multiple application layers for complex customizations.

Fortune 500 Fintech ISV

Modernizes its digital banking platform with a composable approach to create a truly differentiated experience platform for its client banks.

We’re increasingly finding the need to deliver tailored experiences to different user segments. By integrating WaveMaker into our ecosystem, we now have a framework of pre-built components that can be quickly assembled not just to build apps but also provide differentiated user experiences, thereby increasing the value to our end-users significantly.

Director, Technology Strategy

Read this case study to learn more about how a Fortune 500 fintech used WaveMaker to modernize its digital banking solution suite.

The modern software delivery model


Professional developers build prefabs and journeys.


Components are shared securely via internal marketplace.


Citizen developers assemble components to create new experiences.

The WaveMaker Advantage


Equip yourself with new-age, future-proofed technologies and compete with the best.


Build iteratively from MVP to customer go-lives with 3X velocity.


Test the market pulse and innovate iteratively.


Incubate and scale a 3rd party developer ecosystem.

The platform of choice for ISVs

Visual Development

Leverage prefabs, responsive templates, consistent themes, and over 100+ out-of-the-box widgets.

Open Tech Stack

Keep your product always updated with an open standards-based tech stack.

Customize with Freedom

Extend and customize code without being tied to the platform.

Developer Productivity Suite

Speed up development with a host of developer-friendly tools within the platform.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaborate better with WaveMaker Teams and a built-in VCS-based collaborative environment.

Lower Training Costs

An intuitive interface allows developers to onboard and adopt the platform quickly with minimal training.

Thoughts and Insights


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