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WaveMaker platform is architected to modernize core platforms and accelerate product development. It has a highly flexible and reliable foundation that includes a host of modern front-end, mobile, back-end, and devOps technologies that go into rapidly building and delivering enterprise-grade aPaaS platforms. Our customers see lower TCO, seamless scalability, and faster deployments to any cloud.

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Platform features

Cloud native

Microservices approach offers an adaptable, component-based architecture that acts as a strong pillar for building scalable cloud-native applications. Apps built using WaveMaker typically have high availability and fault tolerance.

& compliance

Security is baked into all app layers -- database, backend, APIs & UI components. This is consistent with OWASP Top 10 compliance. The platform integrates with IAM systems and can reuse the existing security infrastructure. The platform is equipped with strong password encryption.


Best practices in open standards architecture makes it easy for systems to talk to each other. Deep integrations are achieved by API composition to create “Experience APIs” that are closer to business functions, giving standardized access to org data and services.

& resilience

Performance enhancers such as app sizing, monitoring of various app services and infrastructure, user-centric error messaging, and responsive app feedback. For example, WaveMaker’s AngularJS build optimization for widgets and code assets for the optimal final app size.

WaveMaker platform's high-level architecture

for components

Centralized platform to publish and manage all project components that can be re-used by developers to enhance or write new features. WaveMaker’s intrinsic API-based architecture makes reuse and extension of components easy.

What makes

Custom developer experience

Customize the pro studio for citizen developers, abstracting complexities while still maintaining code extensibility & quality.

Multi experience made easy

Create and deliver a multi-experience digital journey with world-class user experience consistently and seamlessly to your end customers across touch points.

Developer based pricing

Scale seamlessly without worrying about exorbitant pricing. WaveMaker platform pricing is developer based and places no limit on the no. of applications built or the no.of users gathered.

Extensibility & hyper customization

Be ahead of the curve and innovate faster with reusable components, prefabs and extend your features seamlessly using open standards code.

Ability to leverage existing investments

Reduce cost and make the best use of your existing investments in security, IAM etc. Take advantage of WaveMaker’s platform integration capabilities to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.


your product

WaveMaker’s open architecture means it can sit inside your product. With a low-code heart, you can upgrade your tech stack and deliver competitive features to users, faster, in one go.

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