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Case Study

Fortune 100 Insurance Company Accelerates
Application Development Without Additional
Investments in Skilled Resources


Insurance is a diverse and complex industry. To reduce labor-intensive processes and automate systems, there is widespread digital adoption and modernization of core legacy systems. As application development becomes inevitable, there are challenges of IT dependency, app maintenance and support costs that need to be addressed.

Consider this case of one of the largest, Fortune 100 insurance companies in the United States. They needed innovative apps to run their business, however it involved high development and support costs, even for non-critical apps.

The company was looking to create minimal IT dependency and a channel for infrastructure provisioning, support, data access, and app maintenance. Moreover, their internal IT team wanted to focus on core business applications and spend minimal effort to maintain long-tail apps.

Download this Case Study to find out how the insurance company used the WaveMaker platform to:

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