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Anoop Balakuntalam

Director Cloud

Mayur Shah

Product Manager




How Open is WaveMaker HyScale Platform?

WaveMaker HyScale is completely built on open standards. Underneath the covers, HyScale using standard Docker Engine and creates and manages Docker Containers. Additionally HyScale provides a suite of APIs that are REST based and provides all product capability to be accessed from a external client. As a result of this the platform allows for easy integration with container ecosystem.

Does WaveMaker HyScale work with Google Cloud?

Yes, WaveMaker HyScale supports hybrid as well as multi cloud app deployments. The workloads can work on OnPremise on your own infrastructure. If you are using one of the public cloud providers as in AWS, Azure or GCP you can span your instances across them and have your application be deployed as containers on any of the cloud providers.

How does HyScale differ in comparison to Kubernetes?

HyScale, has a purpose built Orchestration layer, specifically designed to address Business workloads. Most of Enterprise and ISV business workloads are in the order of max thousands to tens of thousands of containers and HyScale is designed to simplify and manage that order of workloads. In that way, there is no need to hire a highly skilled consulting team, or inherit extra complexity as one would do in case of Kubernetes. WaveMaker HyScale allows of quick , self service driven installation (in matter of hours), easy onboarding and simple ongoing management of your workloads.

You mentioned during the Webinar that HyScale causes minimal disruption to IT teams, can you please elaborate?

WaveMaker HyScale is designed to work with existing processes, artifacts and tools that Dev teams are used to. Dev teams can provide their application artifacts as is, and HyScale will automatically create Docker Container images for them. There is no need for Dev Teams to worry about modifying the application artifacts they are producing currently. Also HyScale can work with any custom stack of choice from the Development team stand point and automatically containerize and deploy it.