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How ISVs can build and customize
solutions faster using low-code


Customizing software application has been a pain point for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) right from the beginning. Releasing new features or managing updates to an existing application to meet every client’s requirements incurs additional time, effort and costs. In trying to make it easier for their clients, ISVs end up supporting multiple versions of the application which is not a scalable business option.

With current generation software becoming cloud-native, ISVs who are solution providers wanted to reap the benefits of subscription-based multi-tenant models. But it requires a huge modernization effort as the software needs to go through critical architectural changes to be able to adopt this model. This could lead to refactoring of certain portions of the application, possibly re-writing few modules and re-using some parts. Even after this, the looming problem of customization remains as multi-tenant models does not leave room for customizing the application’s code.

Low-code platform brings with it the promise of changing the app development landscape. With its visual drag-and-drop and component-based development approach, ISVs can build application software solutions adhering to the current day architectural best practices to leverage cloud-based delivery.

In this whitepaper, find out how WaveMaker Low-code Platform combines the power of ease of development through visual and model-driven approach with extending code using standards-based frameworks. WaveMaker application architecture leverages micro-services with session-less architecture, enabling ISVs to develop large-scale, customizable, cloud-ready applications faster.

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