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Hyper-customizable banking
solutions with low-code


Today over 90% of large banks in the world continue to use legacy systems at their core. But surely the banking industry is evolving towards digital, and technology developments like low-code are fueling innovation and growth, and operationalizing hyper customization at scale. Banking is changing, across the board.

Indeed, banks need to personalize their services across regions, languages, users, compliance regimes, and even design requirements. Achieving a fine level of customization—hyper customization—through traditional in-house development teams or using ISV vendors can be expensive, if not impossible. It is here that low-code platforms offer this at scale, without compromising on technology (cloud deployments, microservices, containerization, etc.), security, scalability, interoperability, robust architecture, and standards compliance.

Download this Whitepaper to find out:

– How low-code allows banking software builders to deliver hyper-customized services to meet all frontline requirements

– How an intuitive visual approach to app development allows developers to drag and drop components onto a canvas integrate them using pop-up dialogs and plain language

– How legacy applications can be modernized with open-standards based code generation and REST APIs that enable enterprise applications to plug-n-play seamlessly with other systems in the bank.

And so much more..

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