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Waste Not. Wait Not.


J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated family business that provides waste management services pan Australia. The company strongly believes in its philosophy of safety, reliability, and excellence in customer service.

J.J Richards ran its digital services on legacy-based architecture and needed to revamp its existing systems to meet customer needs. The aging solution and processes were restricting field operatives and employees in their work. Rapid modernization was an urgent requirement. Customization of applications without any runtime dependency and within budget needed to be expedited. Field operatives lacked multi-channel mobility solutions needing a big overhaul of user experience. On another end, supplier management was becoming messy.

Using WaveMaker’s low-code platform J.J Richards built a comprehensive set of 10 critical applications using a lean team within just 18 months.

Download our case study now to learn how WaveMaker made a deep impact on J.J Richards’s modernization efforts.

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