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WaveMaker studio is your one stop shop to combine the speed of low-code with the power of custom code. All you need is a browser to log into WaveMaker online and start building apps right away using prefabs, drag-and-drop widgets, and cloud native deployment.

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Powerful components

Build apps visually with powerful Forms, Tables, Interactive Charts, etc. Generate from your own data model and, navigate through data and their relationships

Modern Interfaces

Create modern responsive interfaces for multi-channel consumption in just a few clicks on our rapid application development platform. Just-in-time visual preview on devices allows to experience your user journey instantly as you develop

Jumpstart Design

Design your interface quickly from out-of-the-box widgets and a collection of templates and themes, kickstarting your ideas to apps

Open Standards

User interfaces are generated based on open standards stack that app developers love to embrace and stay ahead of the technology adoption curve

Extend & Customize

Explore platform customizations through custom methods and extensions available from the frameworks under the hood. No lock-in to the rapid application development platform.


Connect your world

Integrate with your database, API ecosystem or any systems of record easily, consuming the data and business logic to build modern interfaces enabling innovation

Extend & Reuse

Create custom UI components from existing widget building blocks and bring 3rd party JS frameworks together with business logic, enabling re-use across applications

Microservices ready

Generate your application APIs from imported database operations, queries, SOAP services or other custom java backend code using Open API standards, enabling microservice based deployments

Support multiple languages

Enable multiple languages for your apps using i18n support, with automatic locale based language selection. All UI components are enabled with message bundles for language specific messages

Build apps that run faster!

Performance is a key measure of your application’s experience, we leverage the latest technology enhancements for web and mobile app stack to provide your apps the right speed and sleek runtime

Readable Code

Best readable generated code that you can own and enhance in future with no lock-in. Well designed and architected components with clear separation of front-end and backend artifacts


Robust Authentication

Integration with wide array of security providers for comprehensive authentication support for your app including Single sign-on across multiple apps within enterprise

Granular Authorization

Define app or enterprise wide roles and map these to existing users and groups for allowing access to specific app components such as pages, services, APIs etc.

Certified App Security

Top 10 OWASP web application security compliance for your apps providing enterprise-grade security from day one

Vulnerability protection

Apps are built using the latest open standards based stack which is battle tested by a large ecosystem of users, developers and enterprises. Platform keeps the stack up-to-date without any known vulnerabilities.


1-click deployment

Deploy apps in one click with automated build, configure, package and deploy to any public cloud provider or private cloud infrastructure.

Continuous Innovation

Maintain the release cadence with the speed of your business with an integrated release management system that uses docker containers for app delivery

Flexibility & Adaptability

Integrate with your existing deployment platform or CI system for app release management, with an existing version control system for code check-ins and identity management system for authentication or single sign-on.

Scaling to large user base

App architecture is built for large scale deployments using stateless, microservices based component layers, separating frontend and backend to deploy in their own containers for cloud-scale apps